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Keeping students safe on district-issued accounts and devices continues to be of paramount importance to Klein ISD. We heard from our families in the recent back-to-school annual Family Survey that our families would like to be able to see what is happening on their children’s district-issued Google Drive and Gmail accounts. In response to that request, Klein ISD is providing Bark for Schools.

Bark for Schools is a powerful monitoring service designed to protect the whole student, both at school and at home. Bark’s technology is proven. In schools across the nation, Bark for Schools detected 1.2 million instances of cyberbullying, 140,000+ communications discussing self-harm or suicidal ideation, nearly 100 student conversations with sexual predators, and 51 potential acts of violence in 2018.

Klein ISD is providing Bark for Schools so that families can monitor activity on district-issued Google Drive and Gmail accounts. Bark for Schools complements the strong existing tools the District already and always has in place to protect students online, such as our Lightspeed internet filter and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) decryption.

Bark Frequently Asked Questions

What does Bark for Schools do?

Klein ISD is proud to provide our students with access to technology that equips them with increased opportunities to bring learning to life and helps to ensure college and career readiness in a digital world and workforce.

Bark for Schools allows us to partner with parents in monitoring at home all of the content students are creating, sharing, and sending through district-issued Google Drive and Gmail accounts. In addition to our district’s Lightspeed internet filter, Secure socket layer (SSL) decryption, and other monitoring and security features, Bark for Schools helps further detect potentially dangerous situations that students may be facing both in and out of school.

How much does Bark for Schools cost Klein ISD?

Bark for Schools provides all of their monitoring for FREE as part of their give-back program and is available to all K-12 schools and districts in the U.S.

If families would like to monitor more of their child's online experience such as social media accounts and services not tied to Klein ISD, they can upgrade to the Bark for Families experience. Any family that converts to Bark for Families experience will receive a 20% discount.

What will I see in a Bark alert email?

Bark alerts let parents know why the online activity was flagged (depression, sexual content, cyberbullying, etc.) and include a “snippet,” which is a concise view of why Bark flagged this particular item, along with where it originated (Gmail, Google Drive, etc). 

Bark will also include a link to helpful tips on how families can talk to their children about the alerts. Parents and guardians can only view alerts for their children. The only time a parent would see another child’s name is if it was included in the message that is flagged, as in “Jessica said…”

How does Bark for Schools Monitoring work?

Context is extremely important to properly classify a conversation. Without context, computers are unable to determine whether a specific chat message is a joke or something more serious. Modern machine-learning developments have allowed us to use cutting- edge, deep learning techniques to internalize that context, improving our ability to determine whether a piece of text is a potential issue.

Our underlying network is based on a recurrent neural network (RRN) trained on custom word embeddings to aid in understanding the variations of child-speak. We also use a multi-label approach, which allows us to use the triggers from one abuse type towards another. The combination of this approach trained on billions of data points has allowed us to create a perpetually improving natural language processing (NLP) system.

Our investment in this process has given us the ability to stay current with the variations in language, as well as the flexibility to adapt on the fly as we encounter new topics and phrasings among student conversations.

Who can I contact for help installing the Bark App or the Bark for Schools Family Alerts Dashboard?

There is an entire team behind the scenes at Bark to help you. Please email for assistance with Bark for Schools. If you have questions about digital safety and citizenship in Klein ISD, please check out or contact us at

Is Bark for Schools safe and secure?
Yes. Security is one of Bark's highest priorities. All data analyzed by Bark is stored within an encrypted database, including backups, and subsequently purged after analysis. All server infrastructure is in highly secure physical data centers. All web browser sessions use and require SSL encryption. No data is ever sold or given to any third party.
Do school administrators receive the same alerts as families?
Yes. Bark for Schools uses industry-leading, machine-learning algorithms to continually monitor students’ Gmail messages and Google Drive documents. When potential problems are detected, Bark for Schools notifies district administration. If families accept the Bark for Schools invitation, families can now also be notified via email and/or phone calls, so that the district and families can work together to keep children in the Klein Family safe online.
Can I monitor my child’s Klein Google Drive and Gmail accounts with Bark for Schools?

As part of the free Bark for Schools program, families are able to monitor their student’s school Google Drive and Gmail accounts at home alongside the district. Bark for Schools monitors Google Drive and Gmail accounts for ALL Klein ISD students regardless of if they have a take-home device or not.

Families will receive an invitation to create an account for the Bark for Schools Family Alerts Dashboard via email.  If a family accepts the invitation, the family will receive alerts if potential issues are detected in their child(ren)’s Klein ISD Google Drive or Gmail account.

What if I want to monitor my child’s personal social media accounts and devices in addition to the district-issued Google Drive and Gmail accounts?
You can! Monitoring district-issued Google Drive and Gmail accounts will always be FREE.  However, Bark for Families offers a paid subscription to families to monitor personal devices, accounts, and more than 24 social media platforms for potential safety concerns on your student’s personal accounts.
How much does it cost to monitor my child’s personal social media accounts and devices?
Klein ISD has secured a 20% discount on the monthly cost, which is $7.20 per month / $79.20 per year to cover an unlimited number of accounts, devices, and children. The upgrade is available through the Bark for Schools app. There is ZERO obligation for families to purchase this additional plan.  Monitoring district-issued Google Drive and Gmail accounts will always be FREE.

Bark for Schools Family Alerts Dashboard Demo

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