Benefits and Employee

What does attrition mean?
A gradual reduction in our the workforce without firing of personnel, as when workers resign or retire and are not replaced.
Does “longevity” pay mean tenure? Will this continue?
Currently, employees with 10 or more years in the district receive an additional $25 per year for each year they have been in the district. This benefit is discontinued in the 2018-2019 budget.
Will every current Klein ISD employee have a position in 2018-2019?
The district loses about 15% of our employees each year through a regular cycle of resignations and retirement. It is our goal to place current employees in positions that have been vacated through attrition. Reducing the budget in every way possible to least impact our teachers and students remains our top priority
What happened to the 525 positions that were going to be cut?
In the information about the TRE, the district did not state that 525 positions would be cut. It was an illustration of what a $30.2 million reduction in budget looks like in real terms. This was provided to put the amount into perspective considering that 90% of the budget is made up of personnel. If you’d like to view the exact language of the statement related to the 525 positions, please click here for the video and here (scroll to the very last entry) for the language in written materials. Based on current projections, roughly 355 positions will be reduced through attrition over the next two years.
How will delaying the opening of Elementary #33 save us money?
Delaying the opening of Elementary #33 yields a net-savings of approximately $1.7 million. Savings realized by delaying Elementary #33 include delaying the need for personnel and equipment that are needed to support a campus. In order to maximize the savings, during elementary attendance boundary zoning this fall, two scenarios will be created. One will include not opening Elementary #33, and one with opening it. The first scenario will look at maximizing available seats across the district and bringing some relief to existing high-enrollment elementary schools, and the second will be a more traditional zoning.
What changes are being made to the elementary PE program?
The elementary PE programming has been modified, so that every elementary school has one fewer full-time PE teaching position. This full-time teaching position will be replaced with an aide in order to maintain the same adult-to-student ratio. These full-time elementary PE teachers will be reassigned to other teaching positions within the district. No current Klein ISD PE teacher is losing his/her employment in the district as a result of this change in programming.
How is the budget being reduced for the 18-19 school year?
Non-campus reductions total approximately 8.27%, while campus reductions total approximately 3.5%. Campus personnel are the last area that was investigated for any possible reductions. The framework to reach the budget shortfall was first finding additional revenue and then cuts in non-payroll areas such as department and campus budgets, benefits, non-campus personnel, including central office administration reductions and lastly, campus personnel. During the past week, teams around the district have worked to cut budgets to meet our goal of a $30+ million reduction while keeping students and employees at the forefront of those budget recommendations.
How much money will the campus permanent substitute program save?
Currently, substitutes who are assigned on a daily basis to a single campus are paid at a higher rate than a daily substitute. By eliminating the “permanent substitute” status, the district will save approximately $3.5 million in pay in the course of the 2018-2019 school year. On average substitutes cost the district approximately $43,000 per instructional day. Less than 6% of this cost is due to off-campus professional development.
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