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Updates: Support your student's academic growth at home by using the resources found on our NEW site,

Klein ISD teachers & students are building PERSONALIZED LEARNING PATHS with the MAP® Assessment.

What is MAP Growth?

, short for Measures of Academic Progress®is a nationally normed, computer-adaptive assessment tool for personalized learning.  K-8* students are assessed 2-3 times a year in Reading, Math & Science.  *Limited high school students may be assessed.  See schedule by grade level below

What information does MAP Growth provide?

  • RIT Score: The RIT score reflects the student’s academic knowledge, skills, and abilities regardless of grade level.  Scores over time can be compared to tell how much growth a student has made, similar to measuring height of a student over time.
  • Instructional Areas: The RIT Score is broken into 3-4 instructional areas to help pinpoint the topic and skills your student is ready to learn as well as topics that might need a little support.
  • Achievement Percentile - Shows how well your student performs in a subject compared to students in the same grade level with the same number of weeks of instruction.
  • Growth Percentile – Shows the measure of your child's personal progress over a year or from one administration to another compared to students with the same starting RIT score.  

What are the benefits of MAP Growth?

There are many benefits to assessing our students using MAP® Growth  including, but not limited to: 

  • Personalized data for each student
  • Delivers timely Growth & Achievement measures
  • Empowers students to set & exceed goals
  • Helps teachers identify areas for growth and tailor classroom lessons
How do you prepare for the MAP Assessment?
  • Contact your child’s teacher for testing dates.
  • Have your student login to the practice test at 
    • Username: grow
    • Password: grow
  • Review the MAP Power Point for Students: (English)(Spanish)
  • Encourage your child to try their best and stay focused!

Klein ISDs MAP Administration

Beginning of Year: August to October;   Middle of Year: November to February;  End of Year: March to May

MAP Family Report Title
MAP Family Report
What is the Klein MAP Family Report?

The Klein MAP Family Report provides a summary of how your child is performing academically, as measured by the most recent MAP Growth Test.  It also includes the RIT score for prior administrations if your student participated in the assessment.  This can be used to see your student's progress over time.

Where can I find the Klein MAP Family Report?

The report is located in your Skyward Family Portal under the Portfolio section for any student who participated in the MAP Growth Assessment.  See instructions here.

How can I use this information to help my student?

Talk to your student's teacher.  Here are some questions you can ask:

  • What types of strategies are the teachers using that I may be able to help reinforce at home?
  • Does my student need extra help in any specific areas?
  • How can I help my student's academic growth from home?
  • How do you measure my student's learning in your classroom?
  • How is my student doing in comparison to grade-level expectations?
  • What will my student be working on to continue growing towards a mastery of grade-level standards? 

Support your child's academic growth at home by using the resources found on the site This site provides students and families digital resources to support academic growth and MAP testing success.

MAP Family Support
Additional Resources and Information

KISD MAP Family Brochure:

NWEA's FAMILY TOOLKITLearn more about the MAP® Assessment - Includes FAQs! 

NWEA Family Guides: (EnglishSpanishVietnameseChinese)
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